Snapchat is bigger than Snapchat

This insightful piece by @nickstatt around Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ rollout gets at it just right:

[Snapchat] bundles the off-the-cuff, genuine, and downright more honest ways in which we capture and share moments that we know will not last with an easier, less direct delivery mechanism.

We have moved into lifecasting in a way that’s personal and in the real flow of our life. (The right wearable tech will only make this more of a thing). It’s less about producing ourselves for an audience. Snapchat is closer to calling someone on the phone. Remember, you used to just call your pals. They picked up, talked back to you. Then you hung up. No record (save for the NSA ;).

My brain is seriously tweaking out on how we could/should create news and information experiences that operate in a similar way. I don’t want to co-opt Snapchat and stick @washingtonpost in there. But I want to build something that’s in our digital life for the right moments in our reality. One that’s delivered direct and deliberately and in the flow. 

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